It Depends

by Dr. Spaceman

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Recorded, mixed & made in October and November 2013, at Lee's place with the help of Ryan K. Brennan, and the Baerstudio (Hugo's place) with the help of moufteef (Hugo). Art & design by Oddball Designs (Candice Stolford). Shout-out to Plasmo, and the pizza shops near Lee's place and Hugo's place.


released December 12, 2013

Patch Hutley - bass, vocals
Mikey Moxon - drums
Xavier Rubetzki Noonan - guitar, keys, vocals
Lee Sullivan - guitar, vocals



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Dr. Spaceman Sydney, Australia

Dr. Spaceman are a music band.

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Track Name: Little Requests
I was building my house the other day
When a man came out and said
"I'm thanking you for coming to my street
You know, I work so hard in every way
But my wife and kids don't want to stay
Maybe we can be friends and watch football"

Well these neighbours keep killin' me
These neighbours keep killin' me
With all their little requests
All their little requests

I changed my name for a reason, you know I did
But I don't wanna have to do it again

Finally getting good nights' sleep
Haven't held a gun in weeks
A perfect life, well, it just ain't for me
I never thought that I'd see
The day I'd miss Albuquerque
Now I gotta leave this dead-end street

'cause these neighbours keep killin' me
With all their little requests ...

I changed my name for a reason, you know I did
But I don't wanna have to do it again
Track Name: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
I haven’t quite learned to spread my wings
But baby, you vomit worms down my throat
And when I find myself neck-deep in white water
I still need someone there to keep me afloat

Don’t leave me out too long or I’ll start to turn
My knees buckle and my heart stops
It eats away at me, an infected wound
No oceans or rivers can wash it off
And there’s no other way to make it stop

When you’re out of sight, I go out of my mind
You’re the only thing that keeps me aligned
How can my stability be mine
When I need you to remind?
I need you to remind

Soon will come the day
When you’re miles away
And there ain’t nothing you can do to save me
I’ve said all I can say
I guess I’ll just have to pray
And hope my psyche doesn’t betray me

God knows you’ve got your own damn problems
It’s not your job to help me through
But until I can invest in a brand new brain
This symbiosis will have to do
And I’m sorry it relies on you
Track Name: My Attributes
My mummy said, "don’t be a fool"
My daddy said, "you'd better kill it in school
When you get to our age, there are these rules
You can’t play all day and lay by the pool
Every now and then, you can take a holiday
Build up your hours, don’t turn your boss sour
And you can spend a long weekend away!"

But I could see it was all a lie
And the moment collapsed before my eyes
I don’t want the life they require
Now I just gotta tap into
My attributes

My parents thought they were doing me right
But they were caught in a world uptight
They live a life without desire
So it’s up to me to build this fire
With my attributes