Battlestar / Papercut

by Dr. Spaceman

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A holiday gift to all our friends (♥ω♥ ) ~♪


released December 24, 2016



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Dr. Spaceman Sydney, Australia

Dr. Spaceman are a music band.

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Track Name: Battlestar
I moved out of my town
Got a job, I'm trying to work it out
Wanna start over now
But in this city, I could drown

I had a dream about you, Kelly
There ain't much to it, we were just hanging out
We were still together
On the couch watching Battlestar Galactica

I've broken down once before
It's something I just can't afford
'cause my time is running out, now I gotta believe
That I can turn this around, but the pressure won't release

I had a dream about you, Kelly
Nothing crazy, just you didn't do me wrong
We could live forever
On the couch and we're singing my brand new song

I can't get out of the swing
Memories of late are pulling me apart
Things that were mundane thrive inside my heart
And if I'm too be sane, I must learn to start again
Every day

Was it a waste of time?
God, was it a waste of time??
Track Name: Papercut
I don’t want to sleep, then I don’t want to wake up
Don’t wanna go to camp, then I don’t want to go home
I don’t want to go out, but I can’t just lay here
I’m feeling sore from head to toe

Yes, there’s a lot of blood
From this small cut...
So just wipe it up!
It’s just a papercut,
It’s not my fault
That I’m bleeding so much
That I'm bleeding

22 and I’m dying of something
Growing out of growing up
I crave sincerity but bruises fade and cuts they heal
Sometimes knowing that’s enough

When I die I know I want to be remembered
With more than just these documents of my melancholy
When all life has left it, leave my body to philosophy
Maybe they’ll take better care of it